Payment service «MONETA» provides high level of security and protection of personal data:

Double Password Protection, dividing authorization system for access to system account and financial transactions.
Clients certificates support for system access.
Financial transactions are protected by payment disposable passwords.
Data encryption system PKCS #1 SHA-1 with RSA.
Limited access by certain IP addresses and logging of received access data.
Access, data changes and financial transactions are fully logged.
Reliable and modern architecture of payment software.
Technical equipment of leading manufacturers, placed on the best platforms of Russian and foreign providers.
Twenty-four-hours transactions monitoring by Security service and fast decision making.

Personal data information system

Statement of personal data processing

Please review the documents

Compromise of access mechanism to account suspicion procedure reminder
Security rules for accessing accounts and performing e-money transfer operations

General recommendations on security measures in the Internet while using MONETA.RU system

Be attentive to all incoming emails, through which you can get to pretended websites of System.
Make sure you go to to get access to your account.
Update your antivirus software in time, in case you’re using Windows Operating System, switch on automatic updating system.
Don’t use your account in system in different internet cafes and on computers you are not confident in.
Try to avoid little-known objectionable websites.
Having finished work, always log out from your account. Press Log out link, located in the right top screen corner.
Change password to access the system from time to time and don’t make it too easy.
Follow carefully terms and conditions, don’t pass access codes to strangers and be attentive while working with little-known people.

Useful links

Kaspersky Internet Security - the most popular software of «Kaspersky Laboratory» for protection of computer. The program includes all the things needed for safe work in the Internet.
"K" department recommendations of Ministry of the Interior, the Russian Federation
Antifraud notes of Ministry of the Interior, the Russian Federation