What is simplified verification?

Simplified verification is a simple procedure of providing the following information:

  • Passport details;
  • Tax ID (INN);
  • Retirement Insurance ID (SNILS);
  • Mobile phone number;
This information must be specified in Personal information

How to get verified?

There two ways to do it:

Option 2: it’s sufficient to complete the tabs ‘Personal information’ and ‘Passport’ in ‘Personal information’ section, and specify and verify mobile phone number in ‘Contacts’ section.

Option 3: in addition to specifying personal information you can mail us a notarized request to identify you.*

How to check if I am verified?

  • See in ‘Personal information’ section if fields Tax ID (INN) and Retirement Insurance ID (SNILS) are verified;
  • See in ‘Documents’ section if passport information is verified;
  • You are verified if all these items are marked as ‘verified'

If you are not verified you still can:

  • Fund your MONETA account;
  • Pay for goods and services of domestic Russian merchants, including to bank accounts;
  • Pay taxes and fines;
  • Convert currencies on your accounts in MONETA

If you are verified you can do more:

  • Transfer money to other MONETA or Yandex.Money accounts, to your bank account* or bank card;
  • Receive money from other MONETA or Yandex.Money users;
  • Pay to foreign merchants.

If you mail us a notarized identification request, you will be able to transfer money to any bank account or bank card with the only limit of 100,000 rubles per one transaction.